Bathroom Remodel Cost and Options

bathroom remodel

A bathroom can be a major investment, so it’s important to take some time to research all your options before making your final decision. You’ll probably want to hire at least one general contractor to oversee the project, if not several. A general contractor can do the work for you, but be sure not to underestimate the time it will actually take to complete all the stages and get the bathroom in top shape. Here’s what to look for when hiring a general contractor:

o Time. How long do you think it will take you to get the bathroom to remodel done? Most companies offer estimates up to 30 days, although many will allow you to get a more accurate figure in just a few days. Get at least three quotes so that you can compare them side by side. Be wary of companies that provide you with an average cost or a low per square foot estimate, as those are not legitimate offers. The average cost doesn’t include any added extras, such as putting in a heated towel rack.

o Labor. Will the company supply and install custom tile, hot tub plumbing, new faucets, or labor? If they want to dump in some old plumbing and get you through the bathroom renovation project, they aren’t going to want to provide you with labor as well. Look into the contractor’s reputation you’re considering by asking for references, and don’t be afraid to ask for actual examples of their work.

o Accessories. Are there special tiles, towels, or other accessories you’ll need to purchase? Can you buy everything separately, or is everything included in the remodeling price? Be wary of companies claiming to provide everything because most contractors don’t consider what’s already in place in your bathroom, and charging you extra for things you don’t need could mean more money out of your pocket.

o Fixtures. What kinds of fixtures are you going to be getting for your remodeling project? Do you want new tiles, bathtub, shower fixtures, or maybe a new toilet and vanity unit? The remodeling price varies according to the type of fixtures you have, but make sure it’s comparable with the prices of similar fixtures elsewhere.

o Tile. Many remodeling companies tout natural stone or ceramic tile. Still, there are options out there, such as porcelain tile, which is easier to clean, resists stains better, and is also much less expensive. It’s up to you which option you choose.

o Faucets and pipes. How many faucets and pipes will your bathroom have? If you’re looking to save money, then, by all means, get rid of the old ones and go with the new ones. It might sound expensive at first, but it ends up costing less over time. You’ll pay less per square foot when you have fewer faucets and pipes, and you will spend less on labor as well.

These are just a few changes that you can make to your bathroom, and there are many others. It depends on what you like and where you buy your supplies. You can do some of these changes yourself or hire a general contractor to do them for you. Either way, the changes are yours to make. It’s a refreshing change from remodeling your kitchen or garage.

A bathroom remodel doesn’t have to include major appliances like a washer and dryer. While they add a lot of value to your home and thus should be included in the remodel, you can probably save money by putting in a vanity instead. The fixtures you choose will depend on your personal preferences. For example, if you are a woman who likes minimal decoration, glass-topped vanity will work well.

If your bathroom remodeling project is to include a sink, you have a few more options. First, you can do away with the sink and buy a pedestal sink, like those seen in many spas. This type of sink does not take up any floor space, and it keeps your countertop from taking on water damage. A cheaper alternative is a small pedestal sink with no counter. This option is more flexible, and Bathroom Remodel can easily install it.

Finally, you can decide between doing a sink and installing a tub or Jacuzzi. Sinks can be costly, depending on material and design. On the other hand, installing a tub or Jacuzzi in your home may cost anywhere from two to five thousand dollars, depending on size and design. While you may need all or some of these items to replace a broken or damaged one, replacing them all at once could add up to huge cost savings.